January 2022

COVID-19 Relief

To All Our Clients Affected By COVID-19

Rock With U understands that many of our clients have been affected by COVID-19 and we are committed to finding solutions for everyone impacted. As each person's individual situation and event can vary greatly, we ask that you reach out to your RWU contact for available options should your event be impacted by COVID-19. We wish everyone safety and good health during this crazy time in the world!

COVID Protective Measures

Rock With U strives to maintain safety at its performances through the use of these protective measures:

  • • Cleaning of equipment used for a given event after said event.
  • • Use of gloves and masks by RWU technicians while handling equipment.
  • • Cleaning of shared equipment (such as microphones) during the actual events (i.e. toasts)
  • • Disposable covers for microphone heads
  • • Distancing talent performing on stage (larger stage sizes may be requested to accommodate). For safety, larger stages are highly recommended and are available through RWU if needed.
  • • Wearing of masks by talent when not performing as well as wearing masks on stage when possible.
  • • No band/audience interaction during performances
  • • Not allowing guests to come on stage
  • • Plexiglass DJ booth attachments available for rental