Pat Lentz

Solo Artist Patrick Lentz recently released his latest album, Tell Me What You Want. The album was recorded with Producer Matthew Russo, and touches on a range of musical styles, spanning hip hop, rock, soul, and pop.

Tell Me What You Want explores a new found freedom from a life of obligations and responsibilities. Through his charming lyricism and vocal gifts, Lentz reflects on a time of love, heartbreak, and a new beginning. Lentz comments, "The songs were fantasies of who I wanted to be and the situations I wanted to be in. The album captures the desire to create a new existence, put yourself out there, and test what it is like to be on your own again."

On the dance worthy opening track, "Dope To Me," Lentz declares his playful side with lyrics like, "Baby, you are such a cutie-tell me is your dad a dealer, cause you're dope to me" over an infectious beat that captivates and energizes the listener. The album brings his audience full circle with the track, "Find You There," as Lentz sings, "I don't know what the season will bring, it remains unclear, but I hope I find you there." The thoughtful meditation in these lyrics and those of "Home", suggest a sort of introspection in the midst of party songs like "Get On Up" and "Tell Me What You Want".

Lentz's presence establishes him as an artist to watch, and he cites the following artists as his influences: Stevie Wonder, Citizen Cope, Hall and Oates, and Maroon Five. Patrick Lentz' songs are tangible, portraying universal sentiments of love and reflection through a myriad of musical traditions. Tell Me What You Want has made its way through Kansas City, and paves the way for future sounds to come.

Patrick has had the pleasure of playing with and for One Republic, David Cook, Blink 182, DJ Pauly D, Fall Out Boy, actors Paul Rudd, Adam McKay, Nick Kroll, Kevin Pollack, Richard Kind, and the KC Chiefs. As of June 2011 he is Rock With U’s latest addition, bringing to Fusion a double threat as both MC and Singer.